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Christian Maier GmbH has been supplying rotary joints to the paper, printing, textile and chemical industries since 1925.


Rotary joints, also known as rotary swivels or rotary unions, are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery. Rotary joints are used in numerous manufacturing processes to cool, heat, or transfer fluids. 


Rotary joints are essential components for the performance of machines in which they are installed. Critical usage configurations require theoretical and hands-on knowledge with a variety of applications.


Christian Maier has more than 50 years of experience in producing rotary joints. Christian Maier produce more than 1,000 versions of standard and custom-made rotary joints, from single passage to multi passage, from DN3 (1/8″) to DN 500 (20″). An extensive laboratory established for 24 hours a day, seven days a week testing is used by Christian Maier to ensure their products run well from the very beginning.


Used by manufacturers such as Heidelberg, MAN Roland, König und Bauer (Planeta, Albert Frankental), Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Goss, Windmöller & Hölscher, Comexi, Bobst, Bielloni, Nordmechanica, Kusters, Steuer, BHS, Higel Kältetechnik, Goudsche, Voith, Sandvik, Bühler, Netzsch, Lehmann, Krones and Metso amongst many others, Christian Maier rotary joints have an enviable reputation for value for money and reliability.


 For additional information, including catalogues and maintenance and repair details for Christian Maier’s rotary joints, go to our download section, contact Rojo Tech Ltd or visit Christian Maier’s website at

Christian Maier DX and DXS Series


Christian Maier DX series is the universal rotary joint series for water, equipped with mechanical seal and ball bearings. The DXS series is equipped with a highly resistant, ceramic-coated sealing surface for higher temperatures and speeds, and prolonged service life.

Christian Maier DX and DXS series rotary joints are suitable for cooling water (DX/DXS) and hot water (DXS).

The advantages in you using this series include:

  • Separate one-way flow and two-way flow versions. This assures optimum cross-sections of the housing connections.

  • Easy for you (or us) to repair.

  • Proven thousands of times in the textile, plastic and paper industries.

  • Safe sealing even in applications subject to adverse conditions.


Christian Maier H & HW Series 


Christian Maier H and HW series is a universal rotary joint fitted with maintenance-free carbon sealing rings and carbon bushings. Metal impregnated sealing rings for thermal oil and higher pressure loads when used for hot water and steam are available.


H3 version features an integrated vacuum valve for steam cylinders. There are many H and HW different versions available to meet your requirements.

The standard series H and HW are designed up to a nominal diameter DN100 mm (4”) to accommodate transfer of water, steam and thermal oil under temperature, rotation and pressure.

The heavy-duty designs HWA, HWB and HWX are designed for higher speeds and higher loads and bigger diameters. These special versions are available up DN300 (12”).

This series features a flexible modular system with housing flange and gasket connections, which can be modified to suit the various positions of hoses and anti-rotation connections.

High temperatures of up to 400 degree C are achievable on special versions, whilst standard versions are suitable for 300 degree C on hot oil and 250 degree C on hot water and steam applications.

Christian Maier DP Series –
Water and Oil


Christian Maier DP series is a universal rotary joint for water and thermal oil, with balanced mechanical seal and ball bearings. Various seal combinations can be selected, depending on the application. This series meets the special requirements of the printing and plastics industries.

DP rotary joints are suitable for:

  • hot and cold water

  • for thermal oil

  • The small series can also be used for hydraulic oil and compressed air

  • Stainless steel versions are available for use in the Food Industry or for aggressive media.

The standard DP series also provides you with many other benefits:

  • Low frictional torque (which is important for plastic foil production).

  • A long service life.

  • Easy field repair and maintenance.

  • Both housing and elbow are made of brass and are shot blasted. The bearings are protected by 5 drain holes in the housing.

  • Chrome steel rotor minimises wear for a long rotor service life.

  • Two ball bearings are used. These bearings are factory-lubricated and maintenance free up to 80° C. For higher temperatures, relubrication through an easily accessible grease point is possible.

  • The internal mechanical seal is balanced and can be easily replaced with other sealing combinations, if your operating conditions change. Combination no. 1 is suitable for water up to 80° C, no. 3 for water and thermal oil up to 160° C, no. 4 is recommended for contaminated water and no. 5 is for air.

  • The DP series 800 is used for thermal oil, and is equipped with heat-stabilised ball bearings, Viton O-rings and an axial shaft seal for additional bearing protection.

  • Connection to the rotating pressure system is by means of: 

    • Standardised connection pieces with right-hand or left-hand male thread G/BSP (ISO 228) or NPT (ANSI)

    • Sealing and centring face for gasket at end of thread

    • K-flange and conical inner ring (DN 40 and larger)

    • Fixed flange (F / DN 40 and larger), sealing with groove
      and O-ring.

  • Radial housing connection is made with right-hand thread G/BSP (ISO 228) or NPT (ANSI), axial with right hand thread NPT (ANSI) and screw plug. For series 800, radial and axial housing connections are made with right-hand thread G/BSP (ISO 228). Axial thread connection with screw plug and gasket.

  • Due to the low frictional moment anti-rotational devices are not required


Christian Maier DQ Series 


Christian Maier DQ series rotary joint is designed and used for thermal oil with high temperatures and speed ranges. The DQ series features a balanced mechanical seal.

The DQ, DQT, DQTX variants feature a patented system with an additional cooling circuit for cooling and lubrication of the bearings and seal. This enables use on calenders operating at high speeds and temperatures. 

Temperatures – Up to 400 degrees C

Speeds – Up to 2000 RPM

Christian Maier DC Series 


Christian Maier DC series rotary joints are used to transfer hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds.

A patented balanced mechanical seal with external water-cooling system enables this series to meet the special requirements of paper and fleece calendars, fibre and corrugated cardboard systems.

This series is also suitable for use in large, steam-heated driers.


Christian Maier M Series  


Christian Maier M series is a range of sturdy rotary joints suitable for water and steam.

The extremely robust seals make these rotary joints suitable for use with polluted/high solids water at low speeds (e.g. in hot furnaces and stone-washing machines).

The rotor is made of steel with polished abrasion and corrosion-protective coating of metal-ceramics in the sealing surface area.

Christian Maier DA Series  


Christian Maier DA series is a range of shaft-supported rotary joints with maintenance-free, metal-impregnated sealing rings suitable for steam and thermal oil and water at low speeds.

The advantages in you using this series include: 

  • Inexpensive design, since there are no bearings.

  • Available in large sizes, up to DN 300 mm nominal bore.

  • Resistant to fraction, even at high pressures.

  • The design A2 for a rotating inner pipe has a seal between inlet and outlet.

  • Maintenance-free – No lubrication is necessary.


Christian Maier Multi-passage Rotary Joints  


Christian Maier multi-passage rotary joints are used for the simultaneous supply of up to ten different media, including electricity, if required. Widely used for turntables, tools and forms in a wide range of industries.

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